My name’s Sonia Gastaldi.

I was born in Vicenza in 1970, where I live.

I love to travel, read and study, the essential ingredients for a healthy culture. I love theater, photography and music.

my favorites:

  • Natalia Ginzsburg (writer)
  • Ernest Hemingway (writer)
  • The Sound of Music (film)
  • Mutant Message Down Under (book)
  • Inno alla gioia di Beethoven (music)
  • Hawaii (the most beautiful journey)

I like to be in company, listen to people and share what I have and know.

I believe in the value of the “word“, I know its power and I am constantly looking for valuable words to innovate.

You change your words, you change your life and businesses. I have been working in computer science for over 20 years, I have a degree in sociology and one in publishing and journalism.

In companies where I work, I design and implement “new ways of doing” – innovation – with IT, with dedicated processes and with narration.

Details of my work in mine curriculum vitae or mine profilo LinkedIn.