Lockdown? 5 ways to keep this period productive.

In Italy, as in many other countries, it’s been a while from when the lockdown started.

We’ve been forced to remain in our houses and try not to go out as far as possible.

No work, no friends, no trips, no events and, in many cases, no family. Just stay in.

From that time on, we’ve been rearranging our lives, creating new routines.

But sometimes, I still see people living this quarantine just as a period of waiting.

They couldn’t find a good way to go through this time.

They don’t know how to take advantage of the situation, how to be productive and still happy with their life.

They just wait for the time to pass by and they get bored.

In my opinion, this is the worst mistake you can make right now.

You can’t wait for the quarantine to finish, for the virus to disappear, for things to come back to normality. This is a huge waste of time. 

So, here are 5 ways for you and your company not to waste this period of time and still be productive.

1. Improve your communication

Maybe until now you never gave to much importance to your business communication.

Well, that’s a really big mistake.

But hey, now you have the possibility (and the time) to concentrate on it, to create your own communication plan or improve it.

It doesn’t matter if you start from zero or if you’re already an expert.

You can always learn something more about it. Especially in this situation of emergency, that is such a particular one.

Remember that this is the perfect period to stay in contact with your public as much as you can.

They need to be reassured and to know that they can count on you.

Let them know that you’re still there for them, and I can swear that they won’t forget about this.

If you want to know more, I wrote an article about how to communicate for the best in this period of emergency.

2. Check what’s not working

This is the time to stop, to check what you’ve done so far and see if there’s something wrong with it.

Maybe you made some mistakes. Correct them.

That’s the perfect moment to analyse your results.

Il’s the moment to study the feedbacks and understand why the project you’ve been working on so hard has failed.

You could also ask your clients for help.

They will be happy to see that you’re working to provide them with a better service. And they bill be extremely sincere in telling you what they like or not.

And once you find out what your problem is, you can pass to the next point.

3. Study and develop your projects

Now that you know what’s not working, you can study to improve yourself and your profession.

This will get you more satisfied clients, the growth of your business and a big improvement for your company.

Maybe you have some projects in mind that you left behind because you didn’t have the time.

Now you can study them, think how to develop them or organize a proper launch.

Or maybe you need new ideas for your business, but you never had the time to think about it.

Now you can concentrate and brainstorming whenever you want to.

You can do it by your own or you can involve your colleagues or other people. That’s up to you.

There’s plenty of free online courses out there. You just need to find out which of them will help you reaching your goal.

This is the perfect time for self-improvement.

4. Take a look at the future

Be careful.

This situation of emergency has brought a lot of changes in the life of everyone, and that’s true also for what concerns the world of work.

People’s needs have been changing a lot recently, and probably things will never be as they were before.

This is the time for you to ask yourself how your business will change in the future.

How will you deal with it? Will you be able to stand up to the competitors?

Will your clients lose their faith in you?  

Or will you be there to give them what they need?

You have to re-orient and focus on new goals, if you don’t want to be left behind.

Think about how things will change in the future and how you can prepare yourself to face the change.

5. Concentrate on your public

As you already know, your focus must be on your target.

Your clients (or possible ones) still need you.

Maybe their needs have been changing during the last period, but your aim is always the same: help them.

Stop thinking about what you can’t do anymore and start concentrate on what you can do for them right now.

Make them feel that you want to help them through this difficult period:

  • What do they need?
  • How can you give them what they want?
  • What can you say to reassure them? 
  • How can you make them feel that you’re still there for them?

Make sure that they know they can count on you.

Life is now and it doesn’t stop because of the lockdown. I know that it sounds like a cliché, but that’s the truth.

Time is precious and you have plenty of it right now. Don’t waste it.

(Photo by Nathan Dumlao, Unsplash)

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