Why this is the right time for your new start-up.

When the lockdown started, we felt like the whole world has stopped.

Not just our social and private life, but also our working routine has been affected.

Most of us had to stop and wait for better times to come while some changed their habits and got used to the smart working world.

Lots of people have even lost their jobs.

With this scenery, you could think that only crazy people would be brave enough to start a new business right now.

Well, I’m not so sure about it.

Time and history have shown us that to overcome crises we have always needed creative solutions.

Adapt to social change and reinvent our work has become fundamental.

So, why not go further starting a completely new business?

In this article, I would like to show you why you should launch a start-up right now.

A perfect time for new ideas

First of all, I would like you to reflect on the period we are going through.

As you know, people’s lives and habits have completely changed and they probably won’t go back as they were before the lockdown.

You can’t just stop and wait for things to return to normality, cause that’s not happening.

Our way of life is changing and we have a completely new routine now.

So, can you imagine how people’s needs will change in the near future? How can you enter their everyday life?

Would you be able to help them face their problems?

Analyze the situation, keep an eye on the future, study the public, and find your target.

We are living in a period of transaction.

Renovation, original ideas, and new businesses are the key.


Technologies make it easy

Maybe you think that starting a new business from zero is too complicated.

You believe that a great amount of money is needed and you consider yourself not prepared enough for something like this.

Actually, that is not completely true.

Of course, you need to be competent in what you want to become your future job.

Maybe you could even ask a friend or a relative to join you in this adventure and put your skills and abilities together.

But that’s it.

Once you’ve got the competences, you don’t need much more.

Fortunately, we live in an era where technologies can help you do literally everything you want to.

And, what’s more important, these technologies have become always more and more intuitive, easy to use, and accessible to everyone. So, you don’t need to worry.

Just make some researches, ask a friend for help and you will discover a whole world of apps, software, and platforms that you can make the most of.

Easy to acquire knowledge

If what scares you is your lack of competences, you don’t have to worry either.

Probably, you have already noticed that this is the time for online courses.

Recently many companies have decided to realize their courses for free or to sell them at more affordable prices.

This is how they want to take care of their clients in this difficult period of time. Take advantage of it!

In this way, you will be able to learn new things and fulfill your lack of knowledge with very little investment.

Start a new business with less competition

Lots of people right now are too scared to start a new business from zero.

They don’t know how to move in this world of new technologies and smart working.

Or maybe they just think that this is not the right time to do it, and they prefer to wait and see how things will evolve.

Moreover, it is obviously not so easy to find the right idea for a start-up. It requires study and commitment.

Most people are too lazy to do it, or they just don’t have the right approach.

You also must consider that is quite unlikely for two or more people to come up with the same idea at the same time.

So, if you have an original idea that’s the right time to make it come true!

You will have zero competitors and a hole market to explore. What are you waiting for?

Sense of community

Probably you have noticed that in this period, as in every period of difficulty, people tend to care more for each other.

A general sense of community has spread, and everyone is worried about much more than his own life.

We think about our country, our economy, our city, our neighborhood.

How will our favorite clothes shop survive? Could we still go and get advice from that librarian we trust as the lockdown finishes?

We are all in this together and we feel that we need to help each other if we want to overcome our difficulties.

This means that it would probably be quite easy for you to find out new investors or start successful crowdfunding for your start-up.

Who would not give a little money in exchange for a great idea that will bring benefits for everyone?

If you give them a good reason, people will be happy to finance your business.

So, I guess that now you are not that scared anymore and probably you just can’t see the time to start working on your new business.

You have no excuses. This is the time to change your life and help other people with their own.

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(Photo credits: thanks to Andrew Neel, Unsplash)