How the pandemic has changed our lives. And what we should do now. 

The spread or the Coronavirus has changed our lives. This is clear to everyone.

We have been forced to stay in our houses for months, not having any kind of contact with other people, not even family or friends.

But the most important thing to realize is that the lockdown has affected our way of living relationships.

We got used to avoid every contact, to put safety first, to change our habits as customers.

At first, we could think that this was just a period of time, that everything would have return back to normality.

But now we have to admit that the change has gone much deeper.

Fear, insecurity and loneliness

This is what the pandemic has left to us.

We feel fear because we don’t know what is going to happen next. We are afraid of another lockdown. We have this huge, invisible enemy to face.

And we want to protect our beloved and ourselves.

Maybe we have economic problems, or we just reduce our consumes because we are afraid of the instability of our careers.

We feel insecurity because we can’t see a clear future. We can’t make decisions because the uncertainty is too strong.

We don’t know if an investment would be safe, we are afraid to reinvent ourselves and restart with new projects.

But the worst thing is that we feel alone. We got used to talk to a screen, keep the distance, avoid contact, meetings, relationships.

We don’t interact anymore. And loneliness is the first thing that makes fear and insecurity more powerful.

start from Humanity

If you want to help your customers, you have to remind that they are human beings just as you.

They are probably feeling the same fears and they are facing the same problems as you do.

This means that you can’t treat them as pure numbers. The best thing that you can do right now is to stand by your customers.

You can listen to them, understand their needs, tell them that you’re right there to help them.

And guess what? These are the basis of a good communication strategy.

Here’s the to do list:

  • Analyse and study your target
  • Listen to your public
  • Realize which are your customers’ needs
  • Find out how you can help them
  • Tell them
  • Repeat

A new way to communicate

As I told you before, the way we interact and the way we communicate has completely changed.

We could say that every kind of communication is now happening avoiding every kind of human contact.

People put their safety first. We have new rules to respect in our physical shops and offices.

The e-commerce and the communication through websites and social networks are stronger than ever. So, obviously, you need to reinvent yourself and change your communication strategy.

This is the key point: be flexible.

People are ready to try new shopping experiences and new purchasing channels. You must be ready to.

Marketplace is changing. Keep up.

Last but not least

Here’s another good advice. What has happened recently has affected our way of living, our behaviour, our culture.

If you want to make a change on it, you have to take an action right there too.

If you want to change your customers’ behaviour you need to act on their feeling, their emotions, the way they think and see things around them.

If they feel insecure you must convince them that they can count on you. If all they have is fear you must give them hope and faith.

They need to know that they can trust you. How can you do it? With communication, of course.

Just pay attention on how you do it.

We talked about a good communication strategy in case of emergency right here.

Remember that you cannot stuff your public with a huge number of brand messages coming from all of your channels.

This will just make them feel even more confused and scared. And they will move on to another company.

Let’s start from the listening. And once you understand which communication strategy will be the best for your customers, go ahead.

But do it slowly and carefully. One message at a time. One action at a time.

Faith is hard to build, and it’s a process that takes a lot of care. And is also so easy to lose.

But once you have it, it’s your most powerful arm.