How Brand Journalism can save your company.

We all know that: nowadays companies need to communicate.

In a world where everything and everyone can be found in the time of a click, the amount of information that can reach us every single day is huge.

What can a company do, in order to be more competitive and attract people’s attention? The answer is simple: be unique.

Luckily, as people are unique in their own way, also a company can be one of a kind.

And that’s possible because every company has its own stories, values and has a clear and personal identity.

So, how can a company communicate its own identity? That’s where brand journalism comes in.

What is not Brand Journalism

Let’s start by saying what is not brand journalism.

Speaking about brand journalism doesn’t refer to a company hiring a professional journalist to tell great stories.

Journalism has its own rules and being objectives and always tell the truth is one of them.

A journalist is not a writer. Just because you pay him, this doesn’t mean that he’s going to write a story of how amazing your company is. 

Brand journalism is not just about marketing, as its aim is not to create stories that sell products.

And it’s not just about storytelling.

Stories are at the centre of brand journalism too, but there’s a big difference in how the content is produced and who produces it.

Rules and techniques of the journalistic world must be followed.

So, what is Brand Journalism?

Some companies feel the need to fill in the gap left behind by traditional media. They want to be the creators of their own content.

They want to be the authors of their own stories. And they do it through a professional: the brand journalist.

A brand journalist is, first of all, a professional journalist.

He knows when a fact becomes a piece of news, and he knows which news can be useful for people. He knows his audience and how to communicate with it.

His job is not just to tell the story of the company in a true, accurate and clear way.

A brand journalist works to inform people in a useful way.

He creates and shares valuable contents, giving the audience everything needed in order to build a trust-based relationship with the company he works for.

To sum up and give a definition of what brand journalism is, we can use the words of Larry Light, Chief Marketing Officer at McDonald’s:

“Brand Journalism is a modern way to record what happens to a brand in the world, and to create a brand communication that, over time, can tell a whole story of a brand”.

Why Brand Journalism?

In order to reach your customers, you need to find your own voice, create a valuable content and share your story.

Often the public of a company is experienced, passionate and it’s important to understand the needs and the information that your customers want to receive from you as a reliable company.

That is why you need a professional to find out the useful info, create stories related to that piece of news and communicate them in the most efficient way.

This professional is the brand journalist.

In fact, a brand journalist will be able to:

  • Understand which kind of customers he’s talking to and find out their needs;
  • Give the right information, through the right media, at the right moment;
  • Be reliable and build a trust-based relationship with the public;
  • Communicate with empathy, in a simple and clear way;
  • Create great content and tell the story of the company;
  • Promote the brand, without being too self-referential. He will always put the audience first.

Companies are the new content creators and brand journalism is the new way to produce that content.